Transforming into Digital – Why running online surveys can help you make it easier

What is digital transformation?

In the last couple of years, we have seen the term “digital transformation” being thrown around. You can conclude from the name that it’s tied to the digitalization that we see happening in all industries, but what is digital transformation, or DT in short, exactly?

Since no two companies are the same, or operate on the same level, digital transformation is not same for every company, making it harder to define. Digital transformation is mostly defined as process in which a company or business partakes by integrating fundamental changes into all areas in which it operates. It is done by transforming the business with digital technologies that are implemented and then result in changing the way that business usually operates.

Even if the name may imply differently, DT is not only based on the digital world. It is a fact that digital technology helps people solve their problems quicker and easier than the traditional methods, but no one can undermine that there is still value in face-to-face interaction. By incorporating best of both worlds, digital and traditional, businesses can start their journey in the transformation that will lead to greater development of all sectors.

Looking in the past couple of years, impact of digital transformation has had on businesses around the globe is great, but many still fail to see the full potential it offers. Statistics show that USA is currently operating at 18% of its digital potential, while Europe is at only 12%.

One of the reasons that keep people away from DT is the fear that it leads to less jobs and greater unemployment.

There are some studies that have surfaced in which they claim that DT leads to jobs being loss, since some traditional job position are automated and do not need people anymore. There is no denying that claim, but going deeper in it -- all programs and systems that have been put in place of those job positions need to be firstly developed and later on maintained, all which is done by people, balancing out the number of jobs lost and number of them newly open.

The full impact of digital transformation has on the employment is still not known in terms of exact job loss, but what is known is that many traditional positions will need reskilling, according to Digital Journal. And if we need to be the first ones to say it -- learning new skills and developing your professional career does not sound like that much of a negative here. It is also important to note that the positive impact digital transformation has on many other markets extends much further than just the impact it has on the labour market.

How to use surveys to help your process

We’ve shown you how online surveys can help you increase your revenue, and now is the time to show you how you can utilize all that surveys offer with a goal to strengthen the process of digital transformation.

Surveys have a long tradition as a tactic businesses used to collect feedback from customers. It has gain a bad reputation over the years due to it being shoved to customers in writing form, in mail etc. With the need for the world and everyday activities to be much faster and more efficient, sitting down for 2 minutes and writing about what you liked or didn’t like with a service became pointless. People grew tired and avoidant even on just a mention of surveys.

Since it has been such a long-standing tradition, it must mean that surveys have something in them that makes them so resourceful to business. Fortunately, technology didn’t pass out on improving the tactics used in collecting customer feedback -- and there we got online surveys.

In our digital era, online surveys are a quick and affordable option for business to implement into their strategies, collect customer feedback, analyze it and use it for business development. Insight gained from asking your customers a straightforward question about their satisfaction with the product or service they have received is greater than any market comparison research you can do.

There are many online surveys you can choose from to utilize and to have the maximum benefit; there are surveys that question the overall satisfaction with the product or service, surveys that determine likelihood of customers recommending your company and becoming brand advocates and ones that give you insight into ease with which customer received assistance from your company to resolve a potential issue.


We can define digital transformation in any way it can make the most sense for us and our goals, but it is certain that it is the future for many businesses. There are some companies that may be under the impression that DT is reserved for specific industries and niches, but the reality is that everyone needs some change from time to time.

Ways in which you can implement new business models into your own and develop new strategies, online surveys are there as an easy way to make small changes into the ways you operate, making it easy for you to know in which direction you should develop and grow. offers the three best customer feedback surveys, NPS, CSAT and CES, all just few clicks away from implementing into chats, emails and all other sources of interaction with your customers. If you are still thinking about ways you can start digitally transforming your business, start with surveys -- it is a small step, but a step that will show you how easy it is to make the most out of digital technology world offers.

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