Share your NPS with the world

How to share your NPS with the rest of the world using few clicks

Share your NPS with the world

Since the NPS is such an important tool to recognize the quality of customer care, you can generate a “badge” on that is shareable via embed code that you can use entirely on your promo pages or other places on your website where you want to promote your team and success in the field of customer happiness.

Below are steps to obtain the embed code from reporting page:

    1. Navigate to and find General reports section
    2. Click on share icon on the top right corner of NPS sub-section within General reporting

3. The window will show up with few settings (color of the badge or shape of it) which you can use to stylize your badge

4. Select your preferred colors based on your branding colors

5. Select your preferred badge shape

6. After styling, you can click on “Copy Code” to place it in the clipboard and then paste it in your website page source to present your current NPS to the world

Let us know if you should need any help with using this feature so we can learn from our users and adapt features accordingly. Meanwhile, make sure to read our awesome blog post on this subject here.

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