Public Reports

As an extent to NPS badge, Public Reports is a feature that enables a more detailed view of your reporting to be shown on your promo website page. All of the charts available on regular reporting page can be used to generate Public Reports.

How to enable and use Public Reports

  1. Navigate to Reports/Charts page or click on the arrow next to label of Reporting menu item to list sub-menu items

  2. Under main menu item called Reporting, there is the sub-menu item called “Public Reports”, click on it
  3. Now you have the blank placeholder page where you can load the reporting charts by clicking on “plus” signs within each placeholder

  4. Begin by adding charts one at the time, click on “plus” signs reveals available charts based on their shape (we are providing the ability to add different charts on different places considering the shape and information each chart contains)

  5. When all needed charts are added to their suitable places you can save the newly generated public reports page by clicking on the button called “SAVE AND EXPORT”

  6. Your new public reporting page is saved and you can use the provided public URL to share it on your in-house monitors in the office or load it on your website to share your achievements publically

Finally, you have the URL to share on your showcase page or other page meant for public display of results your teams are making with customer happiness goals.

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