How to Implement with Intercom Chat

Integrate into Intercom via built-in saved reply function

How to Implement with Intercom Chat – via saved reply

This article assumes you have the “Chat” type survey link copied as explained on this page.

Setting up your Successify surveys with Intercom Chat is done through saved replies – chance is that you’re already using them to make your and the lives of your customers easier.
To send a saved reply, just select the saved reply icon from below the reply area. From here you can search your saved replies and see a small preview before inserting. If you want to see the full saved reply, click ‘Manage’. From here you can view, edit and create saved replies.

You can also insert a saved reply quickly by using the # shortcut when typing your reply. Simply type # and start typing the name of the saved reply, and press Enter to insert the highlighted reply.

Oce you’ve sent the message  click ‘Save this Reply’ under the dropdown next to the message. This will make your custom message #JohnDoeFeedback available for all Agents who are chatting with your customers.

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