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This article is designed to help out in getting the use of platform. We are showcasing most common use case with creating survey type NPS and how to take advantage of it.

  1. Login to your account on
  2. Create users if needed, as described on this help page
  3. Create NPS survey as described on this help page or simply use the one we pre-generated for you
  4. You are now ready to survey 🙂

Now you have the means for gathering feedback from your end users and we are showing how to use newly created survey. Your agents who are communicating with end users are most likely going to be on live chat or ticketing system so, we are pre-generating links for your agents to use on both channels. These links are usually placed in signature for each agent and each agent will have their own customized link for chat or ticket:

  1. Your user/agent goes to list of surveys on
  2. Then they find your newly created survey and click on “Copy Link” button

  3. Next they place copied link to chat signature or ticket signature – depending on what the channel for communication is:

  4. Now your end users will be able to rate your agents through the link placed in the signature. When opening this link in the browser your end user will get consent in regards to the privacy policy and GDPR compliance and then the following window appears:

  5. NOTE: If the end user doesn’t agree with consent we show before above form appears we won’t be asking for email address and GEO reporting (in case your plan supports it) won’t be included for this rate.

  6. When end users leave the rate you and the user who got it is able to see it in rates feed on

You’ve made the full circle now 🙂 We hope this article was helpful, please, let us know if you should need any further assistance:

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