General Reporting Anatomy

General Reporting items explained

General Reporting Anatomy

General reporting section on main reporting page outlines some of the most commonly used numbers to asses general success of a service based on feedback collected through surveys of this kind. In this article we are explaining each of those for better use and understanding of it’s informative value.

Number of rates simply shows what is the base line for total entries from which other numbers are extracted.

Average Rate averages total entries from the first column.

Average Rate Improvement is the percentile difference between selected time frame average number and the same time frame average acquired in the previous time frame (counting same amount of days in the past)

MVP is Most Valuable Player in the team selected by considering two factors: 1. number of rates and 2. average rate. MVP is selected by assigning valuable index on each agent where index itself is the average added up to number of rates agent collected.

NPS Score is the Net Promoter Score for all agents in the selected time frame. NPS is calculated by subtracting percentage of rates from zero to six (0 to 6)  from percentage of rates between nine and ten (9 and 10). Further explained here.

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