Export Reporting

Download charted data from reporting

Export Reporting

To export and use the data from Successify.io reporting elsewhere you can use regular “Download CSV” option from within reporting under each chart individually. To access reporting page navigate to¬†https://app.successify.io/reports and follow steps below:

  1. Choose reporting section/chart you need to export data from and click on “Download CSV” button (for the example sake we’ve chosen NPS breakdown chart):
  2. When saved, file will be called by the name of the chart in question (in our case it will be nps.csv)
  3. With CSV downloaded we can do whatever the need was in the given moment and what the management needed data for. In our hypothetical scenario we’ll use google docs/spreadsheet to use data on. So, go to docs.google.com and crate empty spreadsheet on your most suited location
  4. From File menu select “Import” option and choose previously downloaded CSV file from your computer:
  5. When imported data will be presented in columns form:
  6. To visualize uploaded data you can select all the columns with heading and insert chart from “Insert” menu by choosing “Chart” option:

  7. Google docs/spreadsheet will generate the chart accordingly:

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