Edit Survey

Editing survey details

Edit Survey

Every survey has properties that are editable in terms of changing their name, type, question that is being asked for gathering the feedback or domain to which person who leaves a feedback is redirected to after leaving the rate/feedback. To edit one of these properties navigate to https://app.successify.io/surveys and follow steps below:

  1. Find survey you want to edit
  2. Click on edit icon on the far right side
  3. Edit form will come up with options you can change for a selected survey
  4. After making the change (for this example we are changing the redirect link/domain)
  5. Click on “SAVE” button to make the change permanent
  6. You are all set! This change will now take effect when your end user leaves you or your gent a rate after which he/she will be redirected to domain you defined here. This is usually your website domain.

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