Create New Survey

How to create a new data collector

Create New Survey

Creating new survey is described in steps below:

  1. Go to¬† and click on “Create Survey” button
  2. Now you will be provided with a form to fill the survey name, type and survey query

  3. For transactional gathering feedbacks it’s best to use CSAT survey type, however, to understand which survey type suits your needs the best you can refer to our article describing each one in detail.
    NOTE #1: “/home” should be replaced with the website or other web location you want your end users to be navigated to after they leave the feedback to your agent (your website is usually the way to go).
    NOTE #2: Leave the “Create Campaign” button unchecked!

  4. After you click on “Create” you’ll be provided with newly created survey in the surveys list
  5. To use it simply click on button “Copy Link” and copy version of the survey that suits your need the best.
  6. This copied link should go into signature of the communication medium your agents are using to communicate with your end users:

  7. When your end users get reply from your agent they will be able to rate him or her via link in the signature.

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