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Who we are?

We are data science enthusiasts who believe that there is information that companies can use to improve their service and provide the best possible customer experience! We have started from building tools and scripts for data digesting and consulting enterprises on how to improve their customer approach. The biggest impact one company can have on customer happiness score is by listening to their users. Your users are what keep your company going, and getting to know them is the first step in creating amazing customer experience. This is where Successify.io comes into play; you can benefit from our platform by looking into different scopes of reporting to understand what your customers are feeling for your service.

What is our mission?

Once we were in a position to build a team of best customer success engineers, we wanted to spread the knowledge and tools that can help everyone do the same. Our goal is to help companies adapt and adjust their approach towards customers and help them prevent churn. Whether it’s our always improving and adding new features, or our blog that delivers weekly content on customer success and customer experience, we are here to help you and your company become the best versions and be leaders in your industry.

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