Your customer happiness data processing task force!

Use different surveys for collecting rates and assessing comments to build up the customer happiness score.

Real-time statistics

Gathering information and having insight into your survey results need to be real-time so you can act on the findings properly and in timely manner.

Choosing the right survey type, asking the right question, interpreting the data effectively and targeting your market are crucial when creating an effective customer success plan – and we here to help you with that.

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Real-time feedback

Everything is real-time with! Get real-time customer feedback, and have the data aligned and sorted out in a way that is the most intuitive for you.

Real-time feed with notifications that will allow you to follow each new rate and comment provided by your customers. Everything will be shown on your ‘Transparency showcase page’ so you are able to share your customer’s insight with everyone.

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Agents breakdown

Get individual agent statistic that is filtered so you can always see who are your top performers.

We use special logic in lining up users, so you can take advantage of real-time reporting and promote agents, give kudos to individuals or plan for team adjustments in accordance to data collected via surveys and cross-referenced with user line-up.

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